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Protect your wishes and your loved ones


Estate Planning is all about you. Through a combination of legal tools, we can put together a plan that will ensure your wishes are followed with your property, your person, and anyone you have legal responsibility for (such as a minor child) in the event you are unable to yourself.

Services include both revocable and irrevocable trusts with integrated tax planning, power of attorney, advance health care directives, advance dementia directives, HIPAA waivers, and all of the other estate planning tools you may need. In conjunction with tax and financial experts, I will help you avoid probate, minimize taxes, optimize government benefits (while avoiding clawback from your estate), and ensure your assets are distributed on your terms.

Just turned 18? Now’s a great time to make sure you have medical directives and powers of attorney in place so if something happens, you have someone you trust making medical decisions and/or handling your finances.

Just married? This is a good time to make sure your beneficiaries are updated on any retirement funds or other accounts that permit beneficiary listings as well as setting up a plan to make sure your community and separate property are handled as you wish if something happens.

Just had a child? Make sure that they will be taken care of if anything happens to you by setting up guardians and making sure your assets will be handled the way you want. 

Just retired? Before you take off on that next great vacation, take the time to get a power of attorney in place and a plan for the distribution of your assets in case something happens.

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Rebecca Sommer


Rebecca Sommer has been practicing law since 2015. In addition to numerous scholastic achievements, including ranking top 10% of her graduating class and earning several scholarships for extra-curricular activities, Rebecca has a Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University and participated in the tax honors program at Loyola Law School.

She is able to combine her general finance training with specialized legal knowledge to offer practical legal solutions spanning asset protection, provision for loved ones, health care directives, and many more tools to help you protect what you care about.