Legacy Dream book

Estate planning is about getting legally valid documents in order. But for those documents to truly enact your wishes and fit your situation, they need to be based on them.

Estate planning is about Protecting Your Wishes and Your Loved Ones!
It starts with YOU.

What do you hope to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to be treated if you become unable to make your own decisions?

Click on the image to download a PDF copy of the Legacy Dream Book which will help you walk through questions about your wishes and your situation, so your estate plan can be tailored to suit you.

How to use this workbook? Go through the questions and complete any of the sections that have meaning to you. If a question doesn’t help you, skip it.

There is also a set of necessary logistical questions in the back, starting with your family tree. Fill those last 4 pages out as best as you can.

Legacy Dream Book PDF