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Trust and Estate pLanning Insights

What should you think about when you have a life change? Do you need a trust? What will happen to your minor children if you unexpectedly pass away?

Learn more about how you can make estate planning work for you with our blog posts covering estate planning tools and resources including Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and more!

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WHy choose ME?

Peace of Mind:  Clients tell me that after they have completed estate planning with me, they feel relieved and secure knowing they have everything in order to save their children and beneficiaries stress, time, and money when they pass. 

Integrated Solutions: I make it easy by working with financial and tax professionals to fully integrate tax and estate planning so you know all of the pros and cons of any option and do not need to separately coordinate with tax or investment specialists.

Save Time and Resources: You could do it all yourself with the assistance of online forms, but to do that properly you’ll need to become an expert yourself so you know exactly what you need, how to evaluate the different tax implications so you select the best option(s), and how to modify forms and terms for your needs using correct legal language. Clients find that working with me actually saves them a lot of time and ultimately saves money in the long run. 

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Expert Team

Rebecca Sommer, a trust and estate planning lawyer, helps middle class families in Orange County and Los Angeles minimize taxes, maximize benefits to their loved ones, ensure their assets will be distributed the way they want, and protect themselves in the event of incapacity or health care challenges.

She works with your financial experts to ensure your estate plan is optimized on every level. If you don’t have experts of your own, she can recommend and coordinate on your behalf with finance professionals at the top of their game.

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Sommer has been practicing law since 2015. In addition to numerous scholastic achievements, including ranking top 10% of her graduating class and earning several scholarships for extra-curricular activities, Rebecca has a Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University and participated in the tax honors program at Loyola Law School.

She is able to combine her general finance training with specialized legal knowledge to offer practical legal solutions spanning asset protection, provision for loved ones, health care directives, and many more tools to help you protect what you care about.